Teacher, Master, Champion Productions

TMC Productions is a source of learning and growing. Personal growth, self awareness and paradigm shifts are fostered through experiential exercises.

TMC Productions offers a series of courses. The Journey is an entry level course where the participant will exchange their limiting beliefs for empowering philosophies that will support them in pursuing their own personal vision for their life. Here is where the participant will experience themselves as a “Teacher.”

The next level offered is the breakthrough adventure called Advanced Living Principles or “ALPs.” In this rigorous course you will rediscover Your Original Uniqueness, “YOU.” Then YOU will have an opportunity to have a genuine experience of yourself at a higher level of achievement than previously possible. This level of growth is referred to as “Mastery.”

The final level of growth and learning comes over a 90 day period. Three weekend courses and daily coaching to master the art of being a contribution as you juggle staying balanced and moving forward in all areas of your life: career, relationships, and body/mind/spirit. This level earns you the title of “Champion.”

Teacher, Master, Champion Productions welcomes you to a whole new world! Before entering any of the life transformational weekends we offer YOU must know what is at stake….your VISION!


10251 Metro Parkway #121, Fort Myers, FL 33966

239-939-GROW (4769) FAX: 239-939-9890


TMCcarlos@gmail.com Carlos Velazquez, CFO

JaimeTMC@aol.com Jaime Radkins, CEO

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