“I give my highest reccomendations to Tina, a women trully making a difference in our community and world. Her life changing courses and powerful coaching skills have touched so many lives and continue to touch mine. Tina has a true passion and commitment to creating an unconditionally loving and peaceful world. If you want to be connected to a powerful, wonderful woman, this is your woman!!” September 28, 2009

Jennifer Ferri , Owner , Title Junction, LLC
worked directly with Tina at TMC PRODUCTIONS

“Tina is an outstanding coach with a very broad backgound in the field of personal growth and leadership coaching. She helps her students set aggressive positive goals and achieve remarkable results in extremely short periods of time.” September 27, 2009

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity

Charlie Conrad
Hired Tina as a Personal Growth/Leadership Coach in 2009 , and hired Tina more than once.

“I am a professor of Management/Leadership and a Newfield Network Ontological Coach. I can say without a doubt that Tina Crimpacker is one of the best life coaches I know. Her experience is deep and profound. She understands people and how to get them to “breakdown to breakthrough” for transformation. I highly recommend all of her work and in particular want to recommend the amazing new parenting and family classes that she is offering. Respectfully submitted, Corinne B. Young, Ph.D.” September 27, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , High Integrity

Corinne Young
Hired Tina as a Life coaching personal growth in 2007 , and hired Tina more than once.

“Tina is an excellent example of what true friendship and love is. The work that she has created gives everyone the opportunity to see their own potential and to take full responsibility for their life. The tools that she offers teach how to recognize that failures and setbacks are not negatives, but gifts and lessons to be learned and applied so we can live the life of our dreams. Tina has a world vision of peace which is her true passion and has already touched and changed thousands of lives. Through my experiences with Tina, I highly recommend all the seminars and growth opportunities offered by TMC Productions.” September 25, 2009

Top qualities: Expert , High Integrity , Creative

Daniel Curry
Hired Tina as a Life Coach in 2009 , and hired Tina more than once.

“Tina has created a life changing tool to share with others. With the knowledge of anything is possible 100% of the time and her being a stand for the lives of those who enter the doors of TMC Productions; Tina shows the value of the gifts and lessons we have created as individuals and how to take responsibility in order to live the life we are so deserving of. Tina is very passionate about her work and making a difference in the lives of every person she comes into contact with.” September 25, 2009

Top qualities: Expert , High Integrity , Creative

Amy Griffy
Hired Tina as a Life Coach in 2008 , and hired Tina more than once.

“I was required to check only three of the above attributes, which caused me quite a dilemma. I chose Great Results, Expert, and High Integrity. I would have also checked Personable, Good Value, On Time, and Creative. Tina embodies all of the above attributes and so many more. She not only lives these things but they are the very foundation of the courses she teaches. It was an honor to receive her wisdom, warmth, and dedication. If everyone in the world could experience her magic, then the world would be a better place. I know this sounds to fantastic to be true, and no, she didn’t pay me. I paid her and it will never be enough for all that she has shown me about myself, my purpose, and all the gifts and lessons that we all have to share.” September 25, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Christine Ferguson
Hired Tina as a Personal Growth Guru in 2009 , and hired Tina more than once.

“Tina uses her talents of genius and insight to provide a service that is rare these days. Her success truly comes from the success of those she works with and this is her focus. She provides a service that few people are able to do and few of those who could do so won’t because of the unselfish commitment and dedication it requires. Tina, you’re the best!” September 25, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Jeff Good
Hired Tina as a Career Coach in 2002 , and hired Tina more than once.

“TMC productions courses have changed the way I live my life. Tina’s ability to break people through their crcumstances and help them live the life of their dreams is nothing short of outstanding. I would and do recommend these courses to everyone i know.” September 25, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Greg Turchetta
Hired Tina as a perosnal growth in 2009 , and hired Tina more than once.

“Tina is an expert in personal growth/life coaching. She has insight and vision, and operates with the highest integrity. You will get results in the weekend workshops that would typically take years and tens of thousands of dollars. Incredible value for invaluable growth. Tina will assist you in figuring out where you are in your life and teach you the tools to get you where you want to be in your personal and business life….live a life of your dreams.” September 25, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Rita Patel
Hired Tina as a life coach in 2009 , and hired Tina more than once.

“Tina Crumpacker has a unique gift which she uses to make the world a better place!” September 25, 2009

Top qualities: On Time , High Integrity , Creative

Janelle Franklin
Hired Tina as a Personal Growth Advisor / Society Improvement Organizer in 2005 , and hired Tina more than once.

“Tina is a true friend and supporter of the entire planet, this is how large her vision and reach is. She creates the space for all of us to let change and growth enter our lives. She rocks!” June 13, 2009

Top qualities: Expert , High Integrity , Creative

Leadership in Action and all the work that led up to it in The Journey and ALPs saved my family and my daughter’s life. I learned to let go of control so I could stop designing my families’ lives. By taking 100% responsibility I have been able to let go of my judgments which has brought true freedom to my life.

Stan Pond, Attorney at Law

While in Leadership in Action I learned the power of declaration, commitment, clear intention, determination and balance. What I created in Leadership was recognition as Salesman of the Year in my company, doubled my business for the year, a job promotion to Regional Manager, and I was the Challenge Award winner that year in my company!

Bob Conrad, Harris Morran

Leadership in Action got me out of my recliner and back into my life after having cancer. This work reminded me that life is a choice and I can choose every day! I learned how to hear the wisdom of my inner voice again!

Susan Cardin

Everyday for the past six months I have clearly stated my intentions to feel GoOD, serve with the highest intentions and be a pure giver and receiver of love and knowledge …my mentors…include Tina…Carlos..leadership XXIV..Everyone at TMC…Dr.Wayne Dwyer…Depok Chopra, MIguel Ruiz,Carlos Casteneda…..on and on ….my life has never been so full of love …light.. abundance and beauty…my meeting Tina and Michele…last year was the beginning of the most profound positive changes in my life!!!! Thankyou….thank you…thank you…. I send love….


Wow, this weekend was one of the most powerful personal growth experiences I have ever had the privilege to be a part of. The openness and love felt this weekend was beyond words. I saw everyone bloom like a beautiful rose. My vision is to see my children grow up in a world that is safe and full of unconditional love and I know that because of each and everyone one of you, who do this work, my vision is one step closer to becoming true.

Love, A Strong Beautiful Confident Woman, Jessica Cantu Wife/Mother/ Entrepreneur

Things are finally going great between my parents and I, it is so simple, but I was too blind to see it. ALPS has been the most excited, astounding, and lively experienced in my entire life. I cannot put it into words how I feel, let’s just say it was the MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCED EVER. I AM A POWERFUL, DETERMINED, SMART WOMAN!!! And to the person who enrolled me into the Journey & ALPs: I don’t know how to thank you enough for opening my eyes, and for making a difference in my life. You are the best ever!! You are a POWERFUL, LOVING, LIVELY LEADER!!!!


I never experienced anything close to this weekend. This team created such trust, love and safety that the level of sharing raised the bar of what intimacy looks like. I am humbled by what I witnessed this weekend and honored to be a part of this team.

Connie Bottinelli Film Maker/Artist

To the most lovable, worthy, responsible, caring, brilliant, honest, kind, and ALIVE group of people I have ever known, I miss all of you terribly. I felt like I was being ripped out of the womb leaving all of you on Sunday. Thank you all for the most glorious weekend of my life. Looking forward to staffing the Journey. I am a Powerful, Responsible, Worthy and Alive Women.

Love, Paulette Kelley Entrepreneur

I had the best time in my entire life this week end and I owe it to all of you . This weekend taught me that every one goes through the same things just a different degree. I love every one of you and myself!! I can’t wait until I see you all in LEADERSHIP IN ACTION. I know the truth, that I am a beautiful, powerful, responsible women!!!!!!!

Love always, Christina Stewart

My underlying conversation was that I was a failure. Being right about that has cost me a lot in the past. Before my plane landed after my ALPs, 2 1/2 years ago, I was already trying to come up with a plan to move my family from their stable, comfortable home in Kentucky, to Florida. I had a place here, that was destined to be. I still make mistakes and sometimes the same ones, more than once. Just when I think I not enough or that voice starts roaring in my head that it’s true that I am a failure, a team like this goes through the “ALPs” and puts another piece of the puzzle together of my journey. For those of you who graduated this weekend and to my fellow staff members, thank you. I thanked God for the life he has given me every time I witnessed someone’s breakthrough this weekend. I am still amazed that He led me here, that He thought enough of me to put such great meaning to my life. I thank God for the gifts that he has given me (all of you). You all have lifted me to higher ground.

I am a Kind, Honest, Sensitive Leader. Mark J. Weber Entrepreneur

Thank you for making this past weekend one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I learned so much! This team will undoubtedly change the world and be the difference that it takes to bring this community one step further to that critical mass point With love, passion, and urgency.

From a Handsome, Loving, Worthy man Jason Fowler Entrepreneur

It is still totally amazing. I found a peacefulness beyond words. It took all of Sunday night to just reflect on all you amazing people before I could share my thoughts with anyone. Then the flood gates opened, I took a depth breath & let out this wonderful sigh. Thank you all for your openness, honesty and compassion, and for accepting me for who I am. I had the most exhilarating time! I am a Loving, Giving, Beautiful Woman! (it still feels awesome saying that)


These past two days at work have been fantastic! I had such a wonderful and moving experience with all of you and I truly THANK YOU for being part of my life, my ALPS and my transformation. I am so proud to have shared the ALPS with you all and how wonderful everyone did! Each and every one of you better hold your heads up high and with the most strength and vigor in your voices and proclaim the truth about who you are!

Alan Koenigsberg USMC

I would like to first say how proud I am of each and every one of you. You helped me become a better person. Everybody chose to grow this weekend, it didn’t just happen, we set out on a mission to better our lives and to take this journey. Success is a journey, not a destination. It is not the things we get but the hearts we touch, that will measure our success in life. Oliver North once wrote, Our purpose is not to complain about the steepness of the climb, but to help each other on the way that is often difficult and sometimes perilous. And in the end, all that we do should not be done to glorify ourselves, but to serve others. Thank you all so much for touching my heart this weekend.

I am an important, open & caring Man. Brett Rudland Realtor

This has been the greatest weekend I have ever spent and I feel so wonderful and thrilled that my daughter and my wife and I did this together. I am not at all embarrassed to tell my daughter, in front of everyone, how proud and happy your mom and I are for you. When you smile, like you have been since Monday morning, you are the most beautiful women in the world. I believe in my heart that you know that now too. Thank you everyone, thank you very much…

“I am a Loving, Caring and Sensitive Man”…thank you, I know that, now… Victor Mayeron, Restaurant owner

The LOVE Course has a lot of information that most graduates of Leadership have already heard. As you know, we all pick and choose what tools we like to use. Taking the weekend to focus on our primary relationship was such a powerful experience. We created so much safety. Thank you so much…we feel confident, and on the same page, “using” these tools to grow together and to assist each other on our own journeys of growth. Finally, I have someone who isn’t afraid to take a stand for me, and I am no longer afraid to let my guard down and just love…..

Tammie Johnson

I came into the Journey with no expectations, good or bad. I was shocked to find out how I was showing up. I also discovered that I didn’t allow others in my life a chance to lead and give of themselves if I was always leading. My biggest breakthrough was in ALPs, discovering that I believed I had to do everything by myself, and that feeling unworthy was keeping me from accepting that I was deserved everything I was given as well the things that I wanted. ALPs taught me to be sincere and helped me break through my fears. Leadership, the action plan and the senior calls made me focus and follow through. At Some point, I got the “URGENCY” thing! Some truly amazing stuff happened. I now see that I am worthy and that this IS how I show up, as a LEADER and that by accepting this, I CAN DO SO MUCH MORE!

Thank you for this gift and know that I will do all I can to find that 100th monkey!

Lots of love, Ken Young LIA XXVIII

I wanted to share a story with all of you. I took a mission trip to Biloxi, Mississippi, after hurricane Katrina, and I heard this compelling story: A group of volunteers went to someone’s home to help out and the husband and wife told the workers that they did not ask for any help. The volunteer group leader said it’s OK they were here to help anyway and the volunteers began working. About noon the husband came out and said we really did not ask for help and we wanted to let you know that we had made a pact last night to commit suicide together at ten o’clock this morning. The group leader said, “But, I have paperwork in my truck saying we belong here” and he went to his truck and came back and said to the couple “See right hear, it says, the leader paused and said “Whoops, the work order says we were supposed to be across the street!”

At the moment I heard that story I realized that I had actually begun to believe in God. I knew that God had led them there as sure as he had led me there. As I share my vulnerable side with all of you I can only say had it not been for doing all the work available at TMC Productions, I would have not even walked in to my church. Since doing the courses at TMC Productions I have been blessed in all aspects of my life.
Recently, while creating my website, www.buildingcontractorsflorida.com, I realized the things that I am most proud of are on my “community page”. All of that stuff happened after TMC. Thanks Tina and Carlos, I am truly grateful and hope you are proud of what you are creating.

Bob Cantu
Building Contractors of SWFLA Inc.

Before walking through the doors I forgot that I was someone, that I matter and that I am loved.
I have got all that and a lot more back.
I found my purpose in life.
It is growth!!!
It is loving unconditionally!!
It is making a difference everywhere I go!!!
Now I remember that I am a Powerful, Beautiful, Smart, Deserving Leader of Human Kind!!!

Eszter Minor

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